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VRP with ACO

This page illustrates a logistics case to visit multiple nodes (cities) once and only once each, while minimizing the cost. Here, a delivery vehicle can only carry a limited volume, unable to satisfy all customers with a single tour.


Wifi user heatmap in Germany's ICE train, as available here. Pre-processed from millions of rows, only 25 routes are displayed here. Information regarding route and stops of each train can also be extracted.

CNN-powered Telegram Bot

You think bot is a brainless little creature? Big mistake. After drinking some potion of Convolutional Neural Network, an unselfish Telegram bot can definitely outsmart you. Coming soon! 🤖

OpenAI Gym: Benchmark Problems

The research company OpenAI composed a number of environments in a so-called Gym. Suitable as algorithmic benchmarks, we solve some scenarios here using Reinforcement Learning. Step by step.

RL / ANN for Data Dummies

Reinforcement Learning: let's start off with some dummy-mode comparison between the ANN and XCS-RC algorithm in classifying Churn Modeling data. So, bank customers, are you in or out?

Reinforcement Flapping!

Rewinding all the way back to my dissertation, I want to help that (once) famous Flappy Bird avoiding those deadly pipes! The little one can even learn to reach over 9999 points, if we guide it right! 😏

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