About this site...

What kind of man that is capable of doing many things, but not keen to sharing?

The question lead me to create and maintain this site, just to share some learned stuff...

Well, my passion in Machine Learning came around mid 1990s when I coded my first card game in
TurboPascal 7. I was desperate to make the PC smarter in playing, and ended up in a list of
'if-then's plus a small cheat: sneaky peeky. 😬

But now, there is a whole different story. Some of the pages here will give you more, and
there is always some coming on the way.

Someone asked my, why routing?
Well, the answer is simple. That was my keyword for a new a start. My very first case to the real ML problems.
To the algorithms.
To the intelligence.
That word, kickstarted the route to my journey in contributing to the smart everythings.

So, happy reading! 🙂
And have fun.